Why Telling Your Story is an Act of Self-Care

Raise your hand if you’ve felt like you don’t have a story worth telling? Maybe you’ve doubted the impact you could make? Maybe you are waiting for a better ending before you talk about the journey?


I get it.

But I ask you to reconsider.


Putting ourselves center-stage to tell our story can be intimidating. Sometimes we feel what we have to say “isn’t enough;” therefore, “isn’t important.” It’s common to shy away from an opportunity to share something personal out of fear of being judged by others. We may feel like no one else will be able to relate to the experiences we’ve been through (Far from the truth!). But, sharing your story validates your experiences for YOU. You tell yourself that your experiences are valuable and important; therefore, you discover your loudest voice and scream to the world (and yourself) “I AM ENOUGH!”


If anyone knows the power in sharing your story (or stories), it’s me. In fact, I’ve been able to craft my entire career around sharing my personal story. I know first-hand that there are multiple opportunities that can knock at your door when you’re willing to open up and share from a place of truth and wisdom. When I first started opening up about my story (more than 20 years ago), I had no idea that I would begin a journey that leads me to share in front of massive crowds or even get me to connect with over a million people worldwide as Dove’s Global Self-esteem Ambassador. I’ve been able to help and offer insight to people who are facing similar experiences I’ve been through, which makes me feel EXTREMELY fulfilled! WOAH, storytelling changed my life!


When we consistently amplify our voices, we create change. We naturally begin to filter out people who don’t connect with our message (get with it, or get going). We also shine a light that filters in those who were meant to be a part of our journey, building a loyal, supportive audience along the way. This is important because these are the people who eventually turn into our community allies and supporters.


At the end of the day, we all want to feel the same things: We want allies and good people who like us. We want supporters and the resources to do well in life. We want to feel valuable and we want to be happy! When we look at the 30-thousand-foot view of each individual, it’s easy to see that our experiences are not separate, but connected. So, start opening up with just one person each day. Sharing your story is both an act of giving to others and an act of self-care for you.

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