Start With Why

We want to be a leader in this space. We want to support girl empowerment. We want to go viral.


Sitting in a client meeting, discussing a new marketing campaign, and ​then our team finally asks the simple question: “Why”?


At first, silence. And then, more questions. “Why are we doing this campaign? Why do we care about this issue? Why are we the right people to share it? Why is it important for our audience?”


As we begin to answer WHY this campaign makes sense for the brand and WHY it will resonate with their audience- things start to fall naturally into place. The messaging becomes clear; the emotional connection for consumers becomes authentic.


Simon Sinek’s, Start With Why tells us that people connect with brands that know what they believe. “They don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”


It’s the simplest and sometimes most difficult question to answer. But it has changed the way I live- not just in my business, but in my life. What do I believe? Why do I do what I do? These questions have taught me to be trusting enough to let the WHY guide me.


Do you know your Why?


If you haven’t checked out Simon’s work – start with his TED talk – it’s excellent!