Say Hello To Your Inner Warrior

We have an inner warrior inside of us.


When was the last time you said hello?


It’s that part of us that speaks to us about challenging the status quo, fighting against our own complacency and recognizing injustice. It’s in nurturing our inner warrior that we can find that courage to be more of ourselves, stand up for ourselves, and weather the tougher elements of our self-discovery journeys.


We can often be scared of that inner warrior. Afraid to let her out. Because the world may want us to be quiet, complacent and invisible. But our inner warrior is anything but.


To live an empowered life we have to engage that part of ourselves, take creative risks and build up our emotional arsenal of weapons to help us cope with consciousness and clarity.


The inner warrior demands dedication. A deep practice of radical self-care.


Stop accepting less than you deserve in relationships. Assert yourself when it comes to things you want and know you deserve. Each time you exercise your right to protect yourself, your inner warrior grows stronger.


When we validate our own worth we will begin to feel more deserving of love and less tolerant of anything that comes to you on a lower vibration. Our inner warrior is here to help us endure the journey along this long but noble path of self-discovery.  


Say hello to her now.


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