#SelfCare17: Let Your Mind Wander

Wondering about the world is one way to make connections that a hyper-focused mind may not see. Mind wandering may not let you discover a new place the same way physical wandering does, but it is a lot cheaper and easier to do. In our rapidly-changing world, sometimes we need to escape the here and now to protect our creative thinking. We need the space to create our vision for the future, to dig deeper into lessons and wisdom learned from past mistakes, and to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to exercise empathy. Mind-wandering is what allows us to be creative and lights the spark of innovation. In the long-run, it’s wandering that exercises our creative muscles and gives us a safe space to use our imagination when approaching our plans and possibilities for the future.

#SelfCare17: Celebrate Progress

When working toward a goal whether social justice or self-confidence it’s easy to be discouraged if you’re not exactly where you’d like to be. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the distance between you and your goal. That’s why celebrating progress can be an effective way to practice self-care. Take a look at where you are in the struggle at this moment and be grateful for how far you’ve come. Give yourself credit for taking on a challenge and not giving up! It’ll energize you to keep pushing forward and help face the fight ahead.


My Mom 2.0 Summit Recap

I had such an incredible time down in Orlando for the Mom 2.0 Summit with my friends at Dove #RealBeauty!


This trip was extra special because we brought the Talk to Jess Podcast on the road! To help celebrate Dove’s 60th Anniversary, we partnered with Dove Real Beauty Productions to capture conversations with inspiring women around the journey of self-discovery and redefining beauty.


This was definitely one of my favorite trips to the summit. If you were there in Orlando with me, take a walk down memory lane below — And if you weren’t able to make it, take a peek at the fun!




We hit the ground running to get prepared for our special edition podcast episodes!

Can you believe this month also marks the 1st anniversary of the #TTJPodcast?!  

I had to take a moment to reflect. You can listen to my anniversary prelude right now!

Talk to Jess powered by Dove Real Beauty Productions


Later in the afternoon, some of my favorite people were presenting a panel on the new film, Everything, Everything! One of my humans Karen Walrond moderated a fantastic panel on diversity in storytelling with YA author Nicola Yoon (love her!) and Ana De la Reguera, one of the stars of the film.  

Karen Walrond, Ana De la Reguera, and Nicola Yoon


We ended the day by catching up with old friends (and new!) poolside at the Welcome Dinner. Nicola Yoon was hosting a book signing and you could feel the palpable energy from each person waiting in line. It makes me excited for the movie opening on Friday!! Plus, is there a more stunning backdrop than a Florida sunset? 


P.S. Go see “Everything, Everything” opening on 5/19!

“Everything, Everything” book signing by the pool




Day two kicked off with an insightful keynote conversation with the amazingly talented, Julianna Margulies. She radiates #RealBeauty inside and out!


What I love about keynoting at Mom 2 is the insane Twitter storm that happens while we speak.

In conversation with Julianna Margulies

Afterward, my new BFF Julianna and I sat down for the #TTJPodcast. We talked about how we both acted out fairytale stories with our dads when we were kids and how she and her husband are intentionally raising a feminist son. This special edition episode coming soon!

(Follow me on Twitter to be the 1st to know when it’s live!)

With Julianna Margulies


Then, later that afternoon, I led one of our world-famous self-esteem workshops from Dove with some beautiful Mom 2.0 attendees.


We talked about how we can all work to change the beauty narrative from social media to mainstream media.

Dove Self-Esteem workshop attendees


Then we rushed back to our studio to do a few more podcast recordings before coming back for round two of the Dove workshops. This time, we partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of America from local Orlando chapters. These incredible girls partnered up with some of our Mom 2.0 participants and together, they dove deep into how we can change the current beauty conversation.


This workshop filled my heart and was a fantastic reminder of why I love the work that I do. The future looks bright, my friends!

Girls from BGCA and Mom 2.0 attendees

Leading with girls from BGCA and Mom 2.0 attendees




Day three of Mom 2.0 Summit was a podcast palooza! Each of the women I interviewed shared incredible insights on how they have navigated their journey of self-discovery alongside motherhood and successful careers. I can’t thank them enough for their honesty and for their humor.

With Ilana Wiles (Mommy Shorts)


Of the many conversations I had at the summit, one message rang loud and clear:


Women are (more) than ready to see themselves reflected in authentic stories across all media platforms.  


And we are going to make it happen!





#SelfCare17: Share Your Story

In the constant struggle for social justice, it’s easy to get frazzled. Emotions run high, and the stakes feel even higher. It’s difficult not to be consumed by the cause, but it’s important to remember that your individual value only adds to the movement. Sharing your story and the lessons you’ve learned with someone you trust is a great way to practice self-care. By embracing vulnerability and connecting with others over our lived experiences, we are strengthened and empowered to continue living with purpose.

#SelfCare17: Celebrate Yourself

The great thing about kids is that in their constant jumping and climbing they’re often seeing the world from different angles and vantage points. For this SelfCare17 tip, I encourage you to take a monkey bars approach to life. Take a look at yourself and focus on something you usually gloss over and celebrate it. Do you actually know what your wrists look like? Have you ever noticed your posture when you laugh?  We all have an idea of how and who we are, but now is the time to take another look and celebrate a whole new perspective.

Why Telling Your Story is an Act of Self-Care

Raise your hand if you’ve felt like you don’t have a story worth telling? Maybe you’ve doubted the impact you could make? Maybe you are waiting for a better ending before you talk about the journey?


I get it.

But I ask you to reconsider.


Putting ourselves center-stage to tell our story can be intimidating. Sometimes we feel what we have to say “isn’t enough;” therefore, “isn’t important.” It’s common to shy away from an opportunity to share something personal out of fear of being judged by others. We may feel like no one else will be able to relate to the experiences we’ve been through (Far from the truth!). But, sharing your story validates your experiences for YOU. You tell yourself that your experiences are valuable and important; therefore, you discover your loudest voice and scream to the world (and yourself) “I AM ENOUGH!”


If anyone knows the power in sharing your story (or stories), it’s me. In fact, I’ve been able to craft my entire career around sharing my personal story. I know first-hand that there are multiple opportunities that can knock at your door when you’re willing to open up and share from a place of truth and wisdom. When I first started opening up about my story (more than 20 years ago), I had no idea that I would begin a journey that leads me to share in front of massive crowds or even get me to connect with over a million people worldwide as Dove’s Global Self-esteem Ambassador. I’ve been able to help and offer insight to people who are facing similar experiences I’ve been through, which makes me feel EXTREMELY fulfilled! WOAH, storytelling changed my life!


When we consistently amplify our voices, we create change. We naturally begin to filter out people who don’t connect with our message (get with it, or get going). We also shine a light that filters in those who were meant to be a part of our journey, building a loyal, supportive audience along the way. This is important because these are the people who eventually turn into our community allies and supporters.


At the end of the day, we all want to feel the same things: We want allies and good people who like us. We want supporters and the resources to do well in life. We want to feel valuable and we want to be happy! When we look at the 30-thousand-foot view of each individual, it’s easy to see that our experiences are not separate, but connected. So, start opening up with just one person each day. Sharing your story is both an act of giving to others and an act of self-care for you.

#SelfCare17: Create a New Tradition

Some days you just feel overwhelmed by the adult world. Whether it’s money or the news, all you want to do is be a kid again, free of responsibility. I don’t have a time machine to offer, but a great and easy way to revisit that care-free childhood feeling is to create new self-care by making an old tradition new again. Make a comfort food you once loved, visit an old vacation spot, or celebrate a holiday tradition on a random day. Reclaiming the past and reviving it in the present is a great way to ease anxiety about the future.