Self-Care 2017: A Year Long Plan to Love, Fight, and Make Change


It’s 2017.

Now what?

Congrats, we made it.

Still looking around a shit show of a government transition coming up.

And a year-long adventure of learning how to take care of ourselves while still fighting for civil and reproductive rights. You know, stuff you didn’t think you had to fight for in 2017!

But lest we fall into a slump of despair (that was SO last year) here is my pledge to you:


Let’s focus on Self-Care in 2017. In order to be good world changers, we have to start locally.

And I mean, super local…ourselves first. If we aren’t full of hope, anger, action, and community we just won’t get this world-changing work done. And as any good rule breaker, rebel maker, world changer knows…we have to fill up our gas tanks regularly in order to have the energy to SHAKE. SHIT. UP.


So here we go…each week I’m going to post one tip to help us focus on self-care while we also focus on making sure we America’s democracy doesn’t slip away while we are sleeping (or on our phones).  


I know it can get overwhelming. And we’ll want to numb out (again: phones) but try not to. Know that we are in this together. And please: if you have any self-care tips to add to this vibrant list – please send them our way on any of my social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and help a sister out!


For this very beautiful first week of the year, my first #SelfCare17 tip is to: Release


Whenever you are close to releasing something negative in your life (a relationship, a habit, a belief system) it’s normal that your old patterns will come up? They are usually there for you to see how far you’ve come or to gauge how far you are willing to go to change your life. Don’t get stuck in the past. Focus on releasing that which does not serve you anymore. You will create a space for what is to come. And it’s going to be so good, I feel it!


Remember, release is a verb – practice it daily. Don’t hold on to stuff that isn’t yours. And make that space.


More soon!



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