Bring Your #LoveGame16 To The Conversation

It is truly amazing how gratitude and intention have tweeked my perspective this month – on work and family, on the more simple day-to-day tasks like running errands and interacting with strangers.


I know how powerful intention is when we use it positively, but this month has brought me greater awareness of how meaningful it is when we consistently weave it into our lives to create a better sense of self and community.


Although we’re focusing on the energy we give out and the love we spread, this challenge has been intensely beneficial for me on a personal level.


How have your experiences with the #LoveGame16 challenge shaped your month? I would love to hear more from my positive-vibe tribe.


In this final week of the challenge, let’s make our LoveGame stick. I want to start the conversation with others. I want to spread my positive feelings from intention to those around me.


Challenge #7: Spread the Love


(January 25 – 28)


Talk to others about your LoveGame this week. Tell a new person each day about one challenge that worked for you. Reinforce the practice for yourself and spread ideas of positivity to others.


What was your favorite challenge? What was most meaningful to you for your personal journey? Tell us why on social using #LoveGame16. We want to share your positive vibes with our community.


Challenge #8: Just Ask


(January 29 – 31)


Ask the people in your life what they’re grateful for. Ask them what they love. In the next few days, tell someone about the LoveGame challenge and ask them to tell you about one thing they love about themselves or are grateful for.


What will they say? Let us know with the hashtag #LoveGame16.


I can’t thank you all enough for your commitment and support during this challenge. This isn’t just a resolution, it’s a way to rethink our energy and intention.


Let’s keep the positive vibes flowing. Tell me about your challenges this month. I can’t wait to hear about it and share your successes with my community.