The Women Who Inspire Me: Part 2

Amongst the women I admire most is Maria Popova. She’s a writer, critic and intellectual whose work speaks to my whole soul.


Maria created Brain Pickings, a blog and curated platform that offers incredibly rich thoughts on culture and philosophy and brings forth literature, art, and people that sometimes go unnoticed. I’ve spent many an afternoon getting lost in her writing and then ordering every book she is recommending.


Even the art that hangs in my home has come from artists she’s exposed me to through her work! I am forever grateful that my eyes have been opened to the elegance and stunning beauty of Kerri Augenstein‘s Dumb Dots Figure Studies series.




Maria reminds me to explore further what I already think I know, and open my mind to beautiful other possibilities. Her work is so in depth and clearly time intensive that I have no problem donating to Brain Pickings in order to support her wonderful work.


In a culture of click bait, Brain Pickings is a luxuriating indulgence in thoughtful exploration.