Let Gratitude Guide Your #LoveGame16

This year we’ve made a point to refocus our energy and intention in 2016. We’re at the halfway mark of our January #LoveGame16 challenge.


For those of you joining us, I’m so grateful for your support and dedication to creating an environment of positivity! For those who haven’t joined in yet, it’s not too late! Get on board this week and step up your LoveGame.


In the third week of the challenge, we’re letting gratitude guide us.


Challenge #5: Practicing Gratitude


(January 18 – 21)


Who are the people who matter most to you? Take the next 4 days to think about (or write down!) 4 people you’re thankful for in your life – one for each day of this challenge. A brother? A mentor? Your best friend? Reach out to that person and let them know exactly why you appreciate them so much.


Who did you choose? Send us a picture of them. Tell us on Facebook and Twitter why you appreciate them using #LoveGame16. We want to share your positive vibes with our community.


Challenge #6: Count Your Blessings


(January 22 – 24)


What have you achieved this month that you’re grateful for? A promotion? A connection to a person you admire? Even a list of chores you finally completed?


Start each morning by thinking (or writing down) an accomplishment you’re proud of. And share it with us using #LoveGame16.


If you’re not on social media, email your updates to info@jessweiner.com!