Let’s Step Up Our Love Game In 2016!

The world’s been feeling like a scary place lately. And I’ve found myself searching for what I can do to soothe my own fear and create more peace and tranquility in my heart.


When I feel overwhelmed, one of the things I focus on is what is true for me in the here and now. And what is true for me lately is that I feel love. Tremendous love for so many things.


For my husband, who simply lights up my world.


For my amazing friends, who fill up my life with laughter and bravery.


For my work and the opportunity everyday to inspire others and marry together my passion and purpose to create social change.


By focusing on the truth of the love in my life, I can change the quality of my thoughts and in turn the actions I take. It is often a small and subtle shift I notice, but it lifts me out of the dark moments and reminds my why I’m here.


I don’t believe in making resolutions. I believe we can make a change any day of the week or year. Moment to moment, we can be the change we wish to see.


But I do believe in creating very clear intentions each and every day. And I want to focus on upping my love game. I want to create more good energy and positivity – within myself and released out into the world.


I may not be able to control a lot of the crazy things happening in the world, but I can control my reaction to them. And I can do my part to create more love, feel more love, share more love and practice more love.


And I’m asking you to join me.


I’m launching #LoveGame16 on Monday: A series of challenges for the month of January to help us all focus on ways to give (and feel) more love and positivity.


They will be simple and easy to do. And I’d love to hear more about how you feel when you step up your love game.


I’ll break up the month’s challenges into four weeks. Look for the next challenge every Monday and Friday on my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and check in here for a new blog post every Monday to list and explain the challenges for the week.


Here’s to starting 2016 with love!