The Gift of Giving

This year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the way we give. It is truly an exchange of energy between two people – an act of kindness and generosity from one person to another.


During this time of year, we often still find ourselves overwhelmed by the hyper-consumerism of the holidays. It almost makes the simple, altruistic act of giving feel a bit tainted.


The truth is, we can choose to spread the love and (spiritual) wealth we feel any day – not just during the holidays. Giving isn’t always about money, it’s often about time and it’s most certainly about intention and love.


This year, my company has decided to dedicate our corporate giving to a wonderful organization called She’s The First. STF is a nonprofit that helps hundreds of low-income students around world complete their educations and become the first of their families to graduate.




This year, they are launching a new program in Sierra Leone and they are looking to get an inaugural group of scholarships set up to help the girls. We are going to sponsor a wonderful girl named Zainab.


After losing both her parents to the Ebola virus, Zainab moved in with her aunt. Now in her first year of secondary school, she’s been given another chance. With our help, Zainab will graduate in three years.


If you’re still looking for gifts for your loved ones, consider giving them the gift of knowing they’ll help a young girl graduate. You’ll double your generosity!


Happy holidays to you!