Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Out Loud

Sometimes, big dreams and visions for the world need a microphone.


Do you take the time to talk about your passion project with friends? Have you ever spoken your dreams out loud to a room full of strangers? I know it sounds scary to expose your dreams to the world – and you might feel vulnerable when you do – but the change you seek to make is bigger than just one person.


Change is a we thing. It comes from collective action. The more people you tell, the more you open the door to the power of connection or friendly promotion.


And it starts with a conversation – with a dream that’s spoken out loud.


We’re listening now.


So, take your moment. Tell us about your passion project or the work you are creating out in the world.


Talk to us about it @ or tweet & Facebook with the hashtag #ChangeIsAWeThing.


Let us be your microphone. We’d like to share it with our community.


Who knows what could come from it!