How To Stay Positive Online

Anytime we open our laptops we become susceptible to bad news. The Internet is littered with it.


You open your browser to check your go-to news source – where positivity is no doubt a rarity. You check your social media only to find “friends” who are doing all the things you wish you were doing, but aren’t. You see a pop up ad with women who look nothing like you, and you doubt yourself.


It’s overwhelming. How are we supposed to stay positive when we’re surrounded by so much negativity?


It IS possible. Here are a few sites I visit on a regular basis that help me stay informed and still be positive:


Hello Giggles – This site markets itself as a positive community for women, and it is just that. Here you’ll find newsworthy articles and lifestyle articles about women like you.


Brain Pickings – Maria Popova’s blog gives meaning and depth to topics of philosophy, science, design and art. I get lost in her inspiring and unique perspective.


Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls – A cultural community for women and girls that encourages activism, learning and volunteerism.


What sites bring you a positive lift?



This year I’ve focused a lot on gratitude. At times, I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the blessings in my life, the people I love so dearly, the supportive community around me.


But now, more than ever, I want to express the gratitude I feel for you – my friends, followers, and system of support and love.


I’m blessed to be surrounded by a community of socially minded people working to better themselves and their worlds.


Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.


I hope you’re soaking up the love and appreciation this holiday season, too. What are you grateful for?


Women Who Lead – She Should Run’s National Conversation

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to moderate She Should Run’s National Conversation in Washington DC to help women find a way to run for office.


Their message: Sometimes we need to tap each other on the shoulder and ask one another to run.


Joining me were several brilliant women (and one amazing 12-year-old girl!) who spoke from personal experience about their paths to leadership.


I shared with the audience how the lack of representation of women in the media is what fueled my passion for storytelling and working to create social change.


But when it comes to political and public office – the time for getting women to take a step up and lead is now. We have to find a way to become better represented in our government.




I was thrilled to interview Councilwoman Brianne Nadeau from DC and Representative Susan Brooks from Indiana, both of them leaders with a strong vision for making change in their communities.


“We need more women on the ballot. We need to do better.” – Representative Brooks




“Women make sacrifices everyday … And we have to demonstrate that we’ll make those same sacrifices at work.” – Councilwoman Nadeau




I then interviewed one of the most inspiring 12-year-olds I’ve ever met! Christian Herald.


Christian is an amazing girl. She’s smart, vibrant and full of life. She is a leader in her student council and I’m sure will be our next President one day.




I also had the pleasure to interview the highest-ranking Republican woman in Congress, Cathy McMorris Rogers from the state of Washington. Congresswoman Rogers was elected 11 years ago and has served on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.




We ended the night interviewing two of my favorite dynamos: Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, and Julie Ann Crommett, Google’s Diversity Manager, to talk about the intersection of politics and technology.




We talked about the need to create systemic change and how we all work from within corporate and political systems to do so. Reshma and Julie Ann agreed that technology can help disrupt the standard playing field of politics by making new and viable candidates more visible and bringing about more diverse voices.


Overall, it was amazing to be in the presence of women and girls who are so motivated to rewrite the narrative for women in leadership roles.






I have to give incredible kudos to the leaders of She Should Run, CEO Erin Loos Cutraro and Executive Director Clare Bresnahan as well as She Should Run’s national board. The theme of the night was #FindAWay – and we did. We found a way to start an important conversation about women in leadership. Now we have to keep that conversation going!


All photos by Neshan H. Naltchayan


The Gift of Giving

This year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the way we give. It is truly an exchange of energy between two people – an act of kindness and generosity from one person to another.


During this time of year, we often still find ourselves overwhelmed by the hyper-consumerism of the holidays. It almost makes the simple, altruistic act of giving feel a bit tainted.


The truth is, we can choose to spread the love and (spiritual) wealth we feel any day – not just during the holidays. Giving isn’t always about money, it’s often about time and it’s most certainly about intention and love.


This year, my company has decided to dedicate our corporate giving to a wonderful organization called She’s The First. STF is a nonprofit that helps hundreds of low-income students around world complete their educations and become the first of their families to graduate.




This year, they are launching a new program in Sierra Leone and they are looking to get an inaugural group of scholarships set up to help the girls. We are going to sponsor a wonderful girl named Zainab.


After losing both her parents to the Ebola virus, Zainab moved in with her aunt. Now in her first year of secondary school, she’s been given another chance. With our help, Zainab will graduate in three years.


If you’re still looking for gifts for your loved ones, consider giving them the gift of knowing they’ll help a young girl graduate. You’ll double your generosity!


Happy holidays to you!


Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Out Loud

Sometimes, big dreams and visions for the world need a microphone.


Do you take the time to talk about your passion project with friends? Have you ever spoken your dreams out loud to a room full of strangers? I know it sounds scary to expose your dreams to the world – and you might feel vulnerable when you do – but the change you seek to make is bigger than just one person.


Change is a we thing. It comes from collective action. The more people you tell, the more you open the door to the power of connection or friendly promotion.


And it starts with a conversation – with a dream that’s spoken out loud.


We’re listening now.


So, take your moment. Tell us about your passion project or the work you are creating out in the world.


Talk to us about it @ or tweet & Facebook with the hashtag #ChangeIsAWeThing.


Let us be your microphone. We’d like to share it with our community.


Who knows what could come from it!


What Comes After You Enjoy The Moment?

What’s the point of achieving your dreams if you don’t take time to enjoy them? We’ve talked about the importance of soaking in your moment and feeling gratitude for where you are and what you’ve achieved.


But what happens once you’re well into that job you were working toward, once you’ve attracted that great relationship or achieved that health goal? What happens once you reach your dream and it (gasp) becomes the norm??


What do you do after you’ve enjoyed your moment?


1. Allow Yourself to Feel Happy:


​I know the “doer” voice in our heads wants us to ​move right on to the next big goal. But stop. Sit still. Allow yourself to feel happy. Give yourself the grace to really, fully feel appreciative of the accomplishment. Banish the thoughts that want to move you swiftly into goal setting again. Even the best climbers take a moment to enjoy the view before moving again.


2. Be Open to What’s Next:


So you’ve finally crossed it off your to-do list. Now what? Time to dream again. Remain open to the possibilities. Let inspiration and intuition guide you. It’s not a race – it’s a journey. And it’s yours and yours alone. Make a pact with yourself to start again with new visions, new moments to manifest. It doesn’t have to be bigger or better than the last one (that’s perfectionist thinking!). Moments come in all shapes and sizes. Decide which next moment is ready for you to claim.


3. Keep Moving:


Don’t get too attached to the journey looking the same for every accomplishment. Even if dreams or goals don’t work out as you’ve planned, keep moving. That’s resilience. Bounce back, learn from it and keep the growth in motion. Remember, this life isn’t graded, it’s not pass/fail – enjoy the process that unfolds for you…because that next amazing moment is always right around the corner.