The Anatomy of Change

Sometimes we grumble about the change we want to see in the world.


Better representation in media…fairer hiring wages…helping the environment…the list goes on!


Maybe we sign a petition… Or forward a meme. Or lash out online. But honestly –the change we seek has to come from engaging in an ecosystem of change. It takes the entire collective to shift. So yes, sign that petition. And yes, grumble and forward and be outraged. And then do something. Anything. Small if you can. Big if you are willing.


If you want to see change, you have to do something.


Here are 5 ways WE can all support change:


    • Get fully educated on the issue you are passionate about.
    • Understand why something is the way it is, how long it took to become this way, who is involved now, and what it would take systemically to change it. Understanding the “behind the scenes” is half the battle to understanding how to shift something for the better


  • SHARE:
    • Share someone’s passion project, Kickstarter campaign, or cause with friends and family via social media. Don’t underestimate the power of sharing information with others.


    • Contribute your time, money or resources to the cause.
    • Don’t count your dollars and don’t judge if you don’t have any, volunteer, offer support, contribute your talents in whatever form you can.

  • SHOW UP:
    • Attend an event. And then start a conversation with your friends, family, or community about it. Show up everywhere this issue is and get engaged.


    • Sounds silly but ultimately believing we can find a solution and impact change together is important. The change we seek to make especially in big institutions can take a while, so belief can balance patience and passion and remind you what you are fighting for.

We want to know what change you seek to make. Tell us about it at or post on social media w/ hashtag #ItsAWeThing