How To Enjoy Your Moment

We work so hard.


Go to school. Train. Pray. Sacrifice. Repeat.


We dream so big.


Face disappointment. Bounce back. Fall down. Repeat.


We psych ourselves up.


Pep talk. Cry. Mope. Pep Talk. Repeat.


We make vision boards.


We chant mantras.


We tell our secrets to friends in hopes they come true.


We wish ourselves to sleep every night with what we desire.


We daydream and fantasize about the moment.


Then it happens.


The new job.


The love of your life.


The healthier body.


The promotion.


The green light.


The go-ahead.


The moment you’ve been waiting for.


And you stress.


Worry, Feel Anxious, Doubt. Repeat.


Question your deservedness.


Beg for a bit more time.


Swear you are unprepared.


Sabotage. Suffer. Shrink. Repeat.


But what if you enjoyed your moment.


Soaked it in.


Breathed it out.


Wallowed in the goodness happening now.


Believed you were worth it.


Smiled at the thought of it.


The taste of it.


The feel of it.


Reminded yourself you are allowed to feel good.


And then actually felt good.


Without guilt. Remorse. Or Shame.


You can enjoy your moment.


All you need to do is – feel grateful.