Confidence Is Fashionable

What a fabulous day!


I never thought I’d find myself strutting my stuff down a runway at New York Fashion Week – yet, here we are!


Today I walked in designer Carrie Hammer’s “Role Models, Not Runway Models” fashion show! The vision of this show is to create a “runway revolution” by featuring a variety of bad ass professional women – from all different backgrounds, sizes, shapes, abilities and nationalities.




Woke up bright and early—bare faced and full-hearted—feeling excited and inspired and overjoyed. Watch my morning pep talk here!




First stop: Hair and make-up! That’s Tiffany and she did an excellent job glamming me up.


IMG_1422-e1441937649642   IMG_1566-e1441938133694


Luckily, I had the opportunity to rehearse my fierce walk before the real thing and totally didn’t fall! (Which was my biggest fear)


IMG_1436-e1441937663370  IMG_1573-300x225


Showtime!! (At this point I’m thinking “Is this really happening?” and “Please don’t let me fall!”)


COj1m6YWgAA43Xi-copy1 IMG_1635 IMG_1636


AND BAM! There I am!! Today I wasn’t just talking about confidence; I was literally walking the talk in what one lovely Tweeter described as “Jess Weiner serving up some sass!” Yes, indeed.


IMG_1609-e1441937680697   IMG_1623-300x225


I was also joined by some incredible role models including CEOs, entrepreneurs, editors, and more – all celebrating inner and outer diversity and confidence. (Left to right: Michelle Herrera of Cosmo Latina, Melissa Miranda of PepsiCo, and Tolu Olubunmi of DREAM Act)


IMG_8709 IMG_8710-758x1024 IMG_8711-1024x1013


After the show: Camera flashes! Press photos! Meet-n-greets! Just like that, my fabulous runway adventure had come to an end. Of course, a celebration wouldn’t be complete without my sweet husband there to root me on and the influx of love and support I received in person and on social media.


I love mentoring and role modeling because it also leaves me feeling inspired and supported and reminded that we’re not alone as we travel through this life.


So wherever you are in life – let’s all just take our place on the runway and WORK IT!!