So…What Is Self-Discovery?

So many times we focus on the feeling of confidence or the result of having self-esteem but we don’t talk enough about the sometimes long, often arduous journey of getting there.


As you may have seen from my TEDx talk, I’m interested in exploring the role self-discovery plays in the world of confidence.


For me, self-discovery is the journey we take to better understand who we are. Independent of labels, relationships, past heartbreaks or future dreams. Self-discovery is the process of learning about…us.


It can feel a bit harder to discuss to because everyone’s process of self-discovery is different. And that’s what’s beautiful about this. My road and your road to feeling confident will never look the same.


So I’ve asked a few of my amazing team members (all under the age of 30, btw!) to share what self-discovery means to them:


Sara, 27: For me, self-discovery has been about learning personal accountability. How being mindful of and taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions has led me to better understand myself and make choices that are authentic to who I am.


Alyssa, 24: Self-discovery is a growth pattern of letting go and being open: letting go of what you thought you knew or were, being open to letting your heart and mind be changed.


Elizabeth, 25: Self-discovery, to me, is learning about yourself – your likes and dislikes, passions, weaknesses, skills, emotions, even the things you may have been avoiding. It is taking truth and knowledge head on, awakening yourself to the world around you, and reflecting on those experiences. We can only be fulfilled if we know what fills us up.


Brianna, 23: To me, self-discovery is understanding the experiences that have shaped me. It’s a process of identifying my beliefs and values and working to live by them. It’s realizing that my personal journey will involve happiness, excitement, fear, and doubt and embracing it.


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