Forget Balance – I’m trying Harmony

I don’t believe in a balanced life.


When I think of balance – I think of scales.


And I think of the goal as trying to get both sides of the scale to balance or even out.


But in my experience, my life isn’t about being even. It’s about embracing the flow, the fluidity and the uncomfortable process. That discomfort usually stems from an aversion to change and an over attachment to the Ego and what it wants. So I’ve found a concept that has really worked for me – seeking Harmony.


Even in the most chaotic of travel schedules, in the most pressure filled work meetings, and the disconnected times within our relationships, I seek harmony. Accepting what is. Being in the present moment. Feeling WHATEVER emotion is within me. I work on not fighting it, controlling it, or wishing it away.


I know this isn’t a new concept but it’s new for me. And the daily practice of it is changing my life. And allows me to enjoy the grace and space of all that comes my way.


The more I am in harmony with what is – the smoother I move from moment to moment. And this moment is all we have.